Common Issues of Garage Doors

Most of the time, door experts get requests to have their clients’ garage doors to be replaced or repaired. However, the common underlying issues come from something that can actually be prevented with maintaining it regularly. In this we have come up with a list of the most prevalent issues in your garage doors that you may experience: 

It won’t stay open 

Stubborn garage doors that do not stay open are usually due to a faulty spring system or a faulty spring. For amateur people, repairing springs can be extremely hazardous. Hence, you should only leave this Stanley door repair to the trained experts. They can surely do this task right the first time and without any complications in the future.  

It doesn’t close all the way 

When it comes to the automatic doors, this may be because of some problems with your limit switch. When a garage door hits the ground, yet the reversing back up, try to see if there isn’t any blockage in the door’s pathway or something that obscures the photo-eye sensor. Moreover, manual causes could be worn parts, bent tracks, or broken cables. To diagnose whatever issue your garage door has, consult to an expert.  

The garage door has gaps or cracks in sealant or door 

Splits and cracks won’t just appear unattractive, however, they can also impact the garage door’s secure nature and weathertight. If you see that its sealants are displaying signs of wear and tear, then you need to have it replaced. Also, make sure to caulk cracks in wooden doors to bring back their quality. 

It’s totally stuck 

In the event your garage door is having a hard time to smoothly move or is entirely stuck, the problem is usually due to a broken moving part or a bent track. Look for signs of debris or obstructions on its wheel tracks and eliminate them. Insufficient lubrication can be one of the reasons why your door sticks out, hence, guarantee that your regular maintenance routine includes applying adequate lubrication to your garage door’s moving parts.  

It makes weird noises 

Grinding, squeaking, or creaking—when your garage door makes more noise than it usually does, perhaps now is the time to consider lubricating your garage door’s moving parts. Also, make sure to maintain your springs. Other reasons why a garage door becomes include worn cables or rollers that should be replaced right away. However, if you can hear a loud bang at some point in time, it is an indicator of a broken spring that needs to be checked by an expert and have it replaced as soon as possible. 

Automated garage door do not close 

Within your home, your garage door will become the biggest moving thing with the highest traffic area. With your pets and home that usually use it as the main entrance, it could be simple to unknowingly move the safety sensors. When you see that your garage door doesn’t close, you need to inspect first whether you have correctly adjusted the safety sensors. 

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